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View How To Get Soy Sauce Stain Out Of Clothes Gif. We have some helpful tips on how to remove that unwanted soy sauce stain from your clothing and furniture. Dinner at a romantic place, maybe a stroll along the river, witty or insightful conversation, then back to your place for drinks.

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Soy sauce tastes good, but it isn't great looking on your clothing, upholstery or carpet. Finding a soy sauce stain on clothing, rugs, and tablecloths can be frustrating. Most experts agree that it's preferable to treat a soy sauce stain when it's fresh;

Turns out dishwashing liquid isn't just for the soy sauce left on the plate — in a pinch you can use it to treat the stain.

How to remove soy sauce. If the majority of the stain is removed, throw the canvas shoes into the washer and launder according to the label directions. Clean soy sauce out of carpet or upholstery. Let the clothing soak for we also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website.

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