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Get How To Remove Old Pen Marks From Clothes Gif. Ink stains can be a real pain, whether they're on your clothing or on the page. The inks found in different pens can be made from a wide variety of chemicals, so there's not really a single solution for removing an ink stain.

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Read on for a brief guide on how to remove the stain caused by a permanent marker on your clothing. If you can not do with this simple method, take it to dandy. The only thing is a can't remember which brand it was because i have used both you will be very happily surprised how good its works at covering up the brio marks.

Make pen marks disappear with the laundress.

In order to properly remove the stain, you'll need to act quickly. If you want to only erase individual marks, you'd have to make some kind of script that colours over top of it, which is too complicated to put into this message. Rubbing alcohol is the magic pen mark treater. And although your child may be an artistic genius, they've got to go.

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